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Day of Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Your arrival time will be approximately 30 minutes to an hour prior to your scheduled surgery time in order to allow for registration, preparation, anesthesia, etc. Due to limited space in our waiting room, please restrict the number of family members with you on the day of surgery. Your surgery may be delayed or even cancelled due to emergencies.

Medications: Bring a current list of your medications with you on the day of surgery. Bring any medications that you may need to take after your surgery (insulin, inhaler, etc). Most blood pressure, heart, breathing, seizure, narcotic pain, and anti-reflux medications should be taken the morning of surgery with a small sip of water. DO NOT TAKE diuretics (water pills) or antacids (Maalox, Mylanta, Tums). 

Pre-operative Hygiene: The morning of surgery, ensure that your fingernails are clean and trimmed, and fingernail polish and false nails have been removed. Wash with pre-surgical scrub as instructed.  Ensure that all jewelry and body piercings have been removed.

Attire: You will need to undress and wear a gown during surgery. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes. Short sleeved shirts are recommended. Driving: If you are having monitored anesthesia care, a responsible adult must drive you home. You will not be permitted to leave alone. If your surgery is being performed under local anesthesia, you may drive yourself to and from the surgery center.

If you have any questions regarding the forms, please contact Dr. Izadi’s office at (402) 390-4111.